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The Britfield Global Book Tours 2022-24

The Britfield Global Book Tours 2022-24

Devonfield Publishing announce the Britfield Global Book Tours, continuing through the United States (Winter/Spring 2022), to Great Britain (April/May 2022), Eastern Europe (Fall 2022), Europe (Spring 2023), Asia (Fall 2023), and South America (Spring 2024). The Global Tour is a combination of virtual and in-person school presentations that foster creativity and inspire literacy. One of the most awarded books in fiction, the Britfield & the Lost Crown series is transforming literature and education while bringing encouragement to children and families worldwide. Britfield & the Return of the Prince launches June 2022.

With the first of seven Britfield movies in development, the theatrical play (Fall 2022), and the Global Book Tour (2022-24), it is estimated that Britfield will eventually surpass the Harry Potter series in sales and worldwide impact. The first live-action Britfield movie is projected to become one of the highest grossing films in cinematic history, rivaling the original Star Wars (1977) and ET (1982). Creating an interactive world of adventure and learning, Britfield is about friendship, family, and freedom. The 7-book series (England, France, Italy, Russia, Asia, South American, United States) will be followed by 7 extraordinary movies.

Britfield Tours Inspire Creativity, Critical Thinking & Storytelling

  • Creativity is 1 of 3 Top Skills in 2022 (WEF)         
  • Creativity is the most important skill in the world (Forbes 2021)
  • Creativity is the most desired skill (LinkedIn 2021) 
  • Creativity is the leadership quality of the future (IBM Survey)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot replace Creativity (Fast Company)

Starting in April 2022, the Britfield Tour will spend six weeks in England, Scotland and Ireland. In August 2022, the Tour will continue to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungry, Romania, Ukraine, and Belarus, covering five thousand miles in two months. The European Tour (Spring 2023) will include Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. Beginning in September 2023, the Asia Tour will start in Australia, then the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan. In March 2024, the tour finishes in South America, visiting Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, and Latin America.

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Through their national tour, they traveled 9,000 miles, visited over 180 schools and presented to more than 35,000 students, promoting creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. Along the Global Tour, best-selling and award-winning author C. R. Stewart will visit schools, educational organizations, bookstores, and media outlets. Embodying the themes of family, friendship, courage, and freedom, the Britfield series is a perfect fit for the international audience.