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The Last Journey Sci-Fi flick now on digital platforms

The Last Journey Sci-Fi flick now on digital platforms

THE LAST JOURNEY starring Hugo Becker, Jean Reno, Lya Oussadit-Lessert and Paul Hamy, which was available from March 7th is a science fiction film in which the red moon, harnessed for a new form of energy, threatens the existence of all life on earth.

The only hope is the most estimated and talented astronaut on earth Paul WR (Hugo Becker), who is deemed capable of crossing its magnetic field and depositing nuclear charges on its surface, but he flees into the desert, convinced that destroying the red moon would not solve the problem.

There is a race against time to find the enigmatic former astronaut and save the planet from certain eradication? The film welds some impressive #cinematography and fight scenes, the lines could be a little stronger. But it is not lacking in good moments: worth watching this addition French SF from an young ambitious filmmaker  writer-director Romain Quirot.

Dir: Romain Quirot · Production Year · 2020 · Genre(s) · Science Fiction, Drama · Approx. running minutes · 87m 

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