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SheCAN Beauty for YOU: Black Pound Day

SheCAN Beauty for YOU: Black Pound Day

Black Pound Day is about acknowledging the need to support and shop from Black-owned brands. This year we wanted to contribute to the movement, every month promoting businesses from our directory.

We have updated the SheCAN BIZ Directory with many more female-owned businesses added that you can support!

Update your beauty collection with some fabulous must haves from black-owned beauty brands!

UOMA Beauty

The most inclusive black-owned beauty brand. Founded by Nigerian born, LA & London based Sharon Chuter, the #UOMA Beauty range is rebellious, innovative and created for all.

UOMA exist to re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us. “Our race is human, our people are free, our language is colour.”

Shop for loud beauty and colour here

DanessaMyricks Beauty

In a world focused on labels, Danessa Myricks has continuously broken boundaries and built a world of beauty for people from all races, ages and genders.

All beauty products are multi-functional and created to work in multiple places and on all faces. Creatively combining artistry with product manipulation, she designs and launches some of the most high-performance products on the market.

Shop more from the incredible Danessa Myricks here

Pat McGrath LABS

Shimmery glitters, deep colours, a quality so high that it’s a go-to for beauty addicts and makeup artists alike: a global beauty revolution, that purely serves quality to compliment the makeup looks you create. A brand that doesn’t need an introduction…

A beauty revolution that works closely with fashion and that is inspired by everything, gargantuan talent, an interest in beauty that sparked thanks to her mother and has grown ever since: these are the ingredients for the perfect brand, and Pat McGrath has them all.

The idea behind Pat McGrath Labs is to innovate and to create a global beauty industry that communicates with everyone, from professionals to club kids to women who do their makeup daily, talking to them through the universal languages of high-quality beauty, pigmented colours and modern social media.

“Her influence is everywhere, from screen to stage to digital: it’s undeniable, Pat McGrath knows no boundaries”.

See full collections from Pat McGrath LABS here

Beauty Bakerie

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Beauty Bakerie’s mission is to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. They are committed to encouraging men and women to feel both empowered and beautiful. Beauty Bakerie is a direct reflection of the founder Cashmere Nicole’s perseverance and passion for great quality products that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.

Shop the full bakery themed collections here

OPV Beauty

OPV Beauty is an inclusive, ethical beauty movement.

OPV are for people who are ready to share their true colours with the world. Choose a shade, take a stand, and join OPV in making the world a more beautiful place to live – in every way.

OPV Beauty offers a complete line of makeup, hair, and beauty products for people of all skin tones & ethnicities. All of our products are 100% cruelty free.

“We’re all born to be beautiful. we’re all born to be beautiful. we’re all born to be beautiful.“ – Opeyemi Adeyemo

Shop the complete line of the finest & quality beauty products here

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