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Podcast Recommendations For YOU

Podcast Recommendations For YOU

In the mood to listen to debates, discussions, life lessons, spiritual awakenings or even life hacks? Here are some great recommendations for you to indulge your free time or weekend with some comedy podcasts.

The Amplify Project Podcasts:

The Amplify Project is led by Patricia Cumper and Pauline Walker. Both are writers who share a fascination with the people, the process, and the art and craft of writing, inviting Black writers for the stage, page and screen to tell The Amplify Project Podcasts about themselves, their work, what inspires them and why they write.

The discussions that led to setting up The Amplify Project began before the pandemic, before the summer of George Floyd, before the world assumed its current shape.  Both Patricia and Pauline saw similar patterns in the publishing and theatre industries: Publishers saying they couldn’t find Black British writers, who felt that there wasn’t a sufficient market for the work they were receiving.

Amplify Project wanted a practical response to these concerns, one that could shape themselves and reflected their interests, as writers, in the lives, work and practice of Black British writers, not just when their latest book, play or programme came out but as thinkers and artists in their own right. 

Podcast conversations with BiPOC writers for the stage, page and screen telling of their stories and experiences that inspires their work and compelling writings.

Check out all The Amplify Project’s most recent podcasts here

She Wants A Dog:

West Midlands based podcast producers She Wants A Dog (Pippa Frith and Kate Chapman) recently launched with 3 brand new podcast series that tackle the subjects of sickness (Sickbabe) perversion (The Pervert’s Podcast) and death (A Practical Guide to Death) !!!

The first release, Sickbabe, explores the relationship between invisible disabilities and tackling every day. Topics include COVID-19, sexuality and sexual relationships, being sick and Black, work and employment, and more.

Sickbabe is geared towards a politically and socially engaged audience, appealing to those living with chronic illness, people of colour, queer communities, those wanting to learn more about disability and carers. To give you a flavour of the Sickbabe series you can listen to an exclusive minisode with artist Toni-Dee can be accessed here.

Artist, Activist and Cultural Producer, Suriya has worked with young people for the last 10 years. Championing accessibility she’s passionate about centring care in all her work. A two-time TEDX speaker, she’s focused on shining a light on under-represented voices. She’s the founder of Birmingham LGBT+ POC network @unmutedbrum, and papa to Birmingham’s first ballroom house, House of Bab!

Check out all the podcast series from She Wants a Dog here

(Image: She Wants a Dog via unmuntedbrum website)

Manifest Daily with Dheandra Nicolette

Manifest Daily is a spiritual and lifestyle podcast that provides all the energy and support that you need to return to your highest self and live your best life.

Each week, lessons are shared that are learned from personal experiences with manifestation, spiritual laws, and the trials of everyday life. Conversations of discipline, self-care, self-love, navigating relationships, finances, faith, and so much more!

“It’s time to learn how to consciously manifest the most aligned reality for you — one where you’re doing more of what you love, calling in the abundance you deserve and turning your dreams into your reality!

Manifestation isn’t just about magic. It’s about grounded practices, faith, perseverance and having the courage to ask for more in your life and know you are worthy of receiving it.” – Dheandra Nicolette

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Pepp Talk with influencer Breeny Lee:

Join the influencerBreeny Lee as she gives you the exact pep talk you need for every situation you may be facing in your day-to-day life. Pepp talk is the empowering conversation from the “Youtube’s Big Sis” that will blow your mind,challenge you to become a better and crush your limiting beliefs.

Breeny is unfiltered in her advice and gives you powerful yet practical tips to become the most glorious version of yourself, from tips on knowing your value and adding tax to levelling up in your dating experiences. If you want straight talking advice (no chaser) then this is the Podcast for you!

Want a PeppTalk from your “Youtube Big Sis”? Find her podcasts on Spotify

Black, Broke and Brilliant:

#BlackBrokeandBrilliant, a podcast brought to you by two twenty-something year old queens from London. Laugh, cry and sip the sweetest of tea with them as they discuss the struggles of adulting. From thriving to striving, life to love and lack thereof, get your dose of topics with new episodes every Thursday.

Need a laugh this Sunday, listen to your dose much needed dose of serotonin on via the Black, Broke and Brilliant podcast on Spotify

(Image: Black, Broke & Brilliant via Spotify)