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Mother’s Search for Black Santa turned into mission for change creating first Black Grotto

Mother’s Search for Black Santa turned into mission for change creating first Black Grotto

Diverse Christmas Cheer for all to hear!!!  When Charlotte Lewis had her first child, she noticed the lack of diversity during the festive period. She searched for a Black Santa online in the hopes that that her children would be able to go and visit a grotto which included their Jamaican and Nigerian heritage. However, after searching with no luck, Charlotte took it upon herself to create London’s first Black Santa’s Grotto, Noir Kringle. Spreading Diverse Christmas Cheer for All to Hear, Step into Noir Kringle’s Magical Vintage Grotto This Winter

Left to right: Baby Charlotte Christmas 1989 going to see Santa for the first time; Charlotte’s daughter Cleo 2017 going to see Santa for the first time; Cleo’s second visit to see Santa in 2018; and finally when the things you dream of become a reality- Cleo and Noir Kringle, The Black Santa’s Grotto Experience 2019!

Charlotte, from Camberwell, created the event for families who value the importance of positive black representation, inclusion, diversity and want their children to be part of a magical experiential Christmas celebration. She stresses the importance of whilst broadening the children’s imaginations with such magical thinking, making sure they are also exposed to a broad range of experiences that reflects their heritage, helping to build their self-esteem and self-confidence.  

I truly believe that all children deserve to have the option to show joy and gratitude towards an image that reflects who they are as well as parents or guardians experiencing and encapsulating what Christmas means to them with a touch of nostalgia.” She said.

How did Noir Kringle start? For as long as Lewis could remember, Christmas was always her favourite time of year. As a child, her mum would take her to see Santa every year. She continued.

Being born to Black British parents of Jamaican heritage, Christmas was all about decorating the tree, the beautiful lights, being around loved ones and oh the food, we would have dinner with all the trimmings. Christmas wasn’t Christmas without certain traditional staples; ackee & saltfish, fried dumpling, roast breadfruit, plantain, rice & peas, Guinness punch, carrot juice, bun & cheese, sorrel, and of course black cake.

The event includes African and Caribbean food, as well as Black elves and of course a Black Santa! In addition to Kringle’s yearly grotto, Charlotte Lewis has launched Noir Tales immersive storytelling sessions. Noir Tales also serves to share books and all things highlighting positive Black representation. She says, “Representation matters. When children grow up not seeing themselves in books, they grow up feeling like they don’t matter.”

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