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The Battle at Lake Changjin in UK & IRL Cinemas now…..

The Battle at Lake Changjin in UK & IRL Cinemas now…..

“Starts off with great suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. As the Chinese army lies motionlessly to go undetected by the American troops, it’s as if you’re immersed in the face-off, hiding and fearing for your life as well.”

THE BATTLE AT LAKE CHANGJIN, the biggest worldwide box office hit of 2021, with more than $890 million in ticket sales to date, surpassing No Time To Die, and set to become the most successful film in China ever, is now playing in over 25 cities in the UK and Ireland.  

Billed as the most expensive Chinese film ever made, with a reported $200m budget, ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ stars China’s top actors Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior [I & II]) and Jackson Yee (Better Days) and is co-directed by three leading, acclaimed directors CHEN Kaige (Farewell My Concubine), TSUI Hark (Once Upon a Time in China) and Dante LAM (Operation Red Sea).


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1950, the People’s Volunteer Army (PVA) enter North Korea for a decisive battle in history. Under extreme freezing conditions at Lake Changjin, the troops on the Eastern Front prepare to fight the US army until the last man standing….

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