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“Coiled” Brand New Podcast Doc Exploring Afro Hair and Black British Experience

“Coiled” Brand New Podcast Doc Exploring Afro Hair and Black British Experience

Kinky, wooly, nappy, poufy, difficult to manage. These are some of the words that are synonymous with Black Afro hair. But is Black hair as complicated as we are led to believe? Coiled is a brand new podcast documentary series which explores all the different aspects of Black hair and aims to dispel the myth that Black hair is complicated. This podcast is the first of its kind in the UK, that explores the vast topic of Black hair in a documentary podcast form, suitable for all ages. 

Over this eight-part series, the podcast’s host Leanne Alie, will explore the history of Afro hair, and how colonialism has impacted society’s attitudes towards Afro hair. Where does the Human Hair that we use for wigs and weaves actually come from, who owns the Black hair industry and how important is it that we buy Black owned. The truth about the chemicals that are in hair relaxers and the impact that this is having on Black women’s health. The origins of the natural hair movement, how to maintain Black hair of all textures, Black men’s relationship with their hair as well as spotlighting those who are paving the way for better representation of Afro hair in the UK. Alongside this, the podcast host Leanne will be going on her own hair journey as she transitions from chemically straightened hair back to natural, after having relaxed hair for 16 years. 

Throughout the series Leanne speaks to Black hair experts from across the UK including: Lekia Lee, founder of Project Embrace, Serlina Boyd, creator of Cocoa Girl Magazine, Michelle De Leon, founder of World Afro Day, Zina Alfa, activist and member of the Halo Collective, celebrity hair stylist, Mimi Kone, trichologists Shirley McDonald and Ebuni Ajiduah, academics, Professor Emma Tarlo and Dr Kadian Pow, owner of XSandy’s, Sandra Brown Pinnock, journalist and author Valley Fountaine, celebrity hair stylist and Splinters alumni Derrek Clements, Rudi Page, formerly of Dyke and Dryden and the CEO of Pak’s Cosmetics, Peter Mudahy. 

This is an independently produced podcast series. The podcast’s host and producer Leanne Alie specialises in creating content for diverse audiences; she has previously produced podcasts for the award winning Dope Black Dads Podcast, Dope Black Women, Time to Talk with Alex Holmes and she is a huge advocate for diversity and inclusion within the audio sector, having worked with the British Podcast Awards, Audio UK, the London Podcast Festival and Digital Radio UK to improve their inclusion practises. Her other credits include working for the BBC, Spotify and Global. 

Leanne says ‘I’m a huge advocate of Black people making the content we want to see in the world instead of waiting for it to happen. I created Coiled as it is the podcast that I would have loved to have heard when I was growing up and it would have completely changed the way I felt about myself and my hair. This podcast is for all Black women and men who have gone on a journey with their hair and especially those from the younger generation so we can fully encourage them to embrace their natural hair in its natural beauty from a young age, as all hair is good hair.’ 

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The first episode launched on the 1st of October, in line with Black History Month. Episodes will be released weekly, every Friday, and you can listen and subscribe to Coiled on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. You can find Coiled on Instagram @CoiledPodcast.

This podcast is produced and hosted by Leanne Alie of In-Clued Productions and the assistant producer is Sylvie Carlos

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