Rockets and Blue Lights by Winsome Pinnock Win Tickets: 2 Tickets end 22nd Sept

A co-production with the Royal Exchange Theatre

Rockets and Blue Lights
On the set of a new film about Victorian artist JMW Turner, young actress Lou is haunted by an unresolved history. Meanwhile, in 1840 Londoners Lucy and Thomas try to come to terms with the meaning of freedom.
Moving between London past and present, we embark on a powerfully personal voyage through time.
Directed by Miranda Cromwell, and first staged at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, this astonishing and fiercely political new play by Winsome Pinnock was named winner of the 2018 Alfred Fagon Award.

To get tickets email the editor answering the following question: Who is the director of Rockets and Blue LIGHTS? ( editor @ alt – africa (dot) com).  We have four tickets to give away and will give away in pairs or as single tickets dependent on a first correct answer: Deadline 22 September 5pm.

If you can’t wait to win tickets you can book on the website. Rockets and Blue Lights by Winsome Pinnock runs until 9 October
Running Time: approx 2 hours 20 mins inc. interval

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