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Stanley Hall: James Baldwin: The Price of a Ticket + Performances

Stanley Hall: James Baldwin: The Price of a Ticket + Performances

In honour of James Baldwin’s would be 97th Birthday, Stanley Hall are hosting a screening of the documentary film about his life and legacy James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket. This feature-length 16mm documentary has received stellar reviews and awards.  Celebrated at festivals in over two-dozen countries – including Sundance, London, Berlin and Tokyo.

“A haunting, beautifully made biography”  by the Los Angeles Times.  Stays with you after the program ends,” said the New York Times.

James Baldwin: The Price of The Ticket now considered a classic, is a social critique; an emotional portrait and a passionate plea for human equality. Without using narration and while exploring what it means to be born black, impoverished, gay and gifted – in a world that has yet to understand that “all men are brothers”, the film allows Baldwin to tell his own story and, in many ways, our collective story.

Long Table Session

Just after the Sunday matinee showing of James Baldwin: The Price of The Ticket we will have a special ‘long table session’. It will include performances by a range of artists including, Lasana Shabazz, as well as a range of short films about Black Queer Britain to provide a UK context of Black Queer History and will facilitate a conversation for our future.

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The Sunday evening film showing will be followed by an additional free Q&A session.

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