RCW and Knights Of free children’s publishing workshop returns for aspiring authors of colour, with new partner Megaphone

RCW Literary Agency and Knights Of announce the return of a free children’s publishing workshop for aspiring authors of colour, now in partnership with Megaphone.  (Image: Knights of Aimée Felone, Managing Director)

Panels will include expert advice from key industry figures at every stage of the publishing process, from submission to retailer. Highlights this year include a conversation with Tọlá Okogwu, a participant at the 2020 Workshop whose debut MG duology Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun was subsequently acquired by Simon & Schuster at auction.

With the new, added benefit of support from Megaphone, participants will now be invited following the Workshop to join the Megaphone Community, a space for regular and ongoing support, advice and critiques from other writers and industry professionals.

Open from today (Wednesday 7th July), applicants should send a sample of between 1,000-5,000 words of their Children’s or YA fiction along with a synopsis and a brief statement about their eligibility as an author of colour. RCW and Knights Of will open the workshop to fifteen existing Megaphone members, and select a further fifteen authors from the open submission.

The workshop will take place virtually in September 2021, and will this year present the five featured sessions across a one-day format with breaks in between.

To take part, please fill out the form here by Sunday 8th August. Applicants must be UK based.

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