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The Queen, George Floyd among those featured in digital installation by NFT artist Andrea Bonaceto in collaboration with W1 Curates

The Queen, George Floyd among those featured in digital installation by NFT artist Andrea Bonaceto in collaboration with W1 Curates

Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto in collaboration with W1 Curates, will transform London’s iconic Oxford Street into a digital work of art titled Portraying the NFT Revolution featuring world famous faces and abstract artworks.

Portraying the NFT Revolution features portraits include Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, the late George Floyd (main image), environmental activist Greta Thunberg and astronaut Neil Armstrong amongst others. An amalgamation of Andrea Bonaceto’s animated portraits and vibrant abstract landscapes will be installed across 36 digital canvases over three stories that wrap around the exterior of Flannels Flagship store in July.

Greta Thunberg

The series of portraits also include characters who had a strong impact on the artist’s life such as Andrea’s family members and close friends, Italian songwriter Piero Ciampi, fellow rower and 2018 World Rowing Champion Filippo Mondelli who succumbed to cancer at the age of 26, and owner of Camden’s Spiritual Records Rafael Pesce where Andrea Bonaceto would perform as part of their open mic night.

Other portraits include Elon MuskLeonard Cohen, the first digital artist to auction an NFT artwork Beeple, leading NFT art collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, Sophia The Robot and her creator David Hanson.

Andrea Bonaceto is one of the world’s leading NFT artists and has previously collaborated with Sophia the Robot – the most advanced AI humanoid robot in the world. The NFT artworks that Andrea made with Sophia the Robot represented one of the most successful NFT debuts on Nifty Gateway grossing around $3m between primary and secondary sales. An investor and pioneer of Blockchain technology, Andrea Bonaceto is a London-based contemporary artist inspired by people’s facial expressions and abstract artefacts of nature. In 2021 he received the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.

With the growing trend for digital artworks, Andrea Bonaceto is at the forefront of the digital art renaissance born out of the global pandemic. Bonaceto’s new digital installation in collaboration with W1 Curates uses state-of-the-art technology – including an 8K resolution system – to create London’s most optically powerful screen. It enables 50,000+ people to see art daily and is part of the longest running permanent art installation in Europe, offering the public new ways of accessing art.

Through his recognisable colourful, geometric and distorted artworks, Bonaceto explores the concept of authenticity and the freedom of expression, and in doing so aims to create an open-minded society where individuals aren’t defined by labels. His portraits reflect this signature vibrant style and his landscapes appear surrealist with references to artistic greats such as Kandinsky and Picasso.  The most important factor behind Bonaceto’s work is to achieve an honest attempt to express a true feeling, instead of crafting something artificially fabricated.

Andrea Bonaceto’s The Abyss of Nature, 2021

As an artist innovating in this new digital art world, Bonaceto believes that NFTs will revolutionise many industries, especially the creative industry and economy. By leveraging NFTs as an artistic tool, it becomes possible to represent everything we see in our world in a digital form, doing so with a unique digital identity. This is giving the rise to new business models underpinned by these latest technologies. Technology in Bonaceto’s work provides a greater precision and opportunity to create animated works that express am authentic feeling further inspired by poetry, music and the world around us.

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Queen Elizabeth 

NFTs are a powerful new force in the art world with a significant benefit that enables artists to safeguard royalties in the secondary art market and receive some return on their artworks when resold, which is a game-changer in the commercial artworld. Andrea Bonaceto’s latest Nifty Gateway sale saw the unique auction piece sold for roughly $700k. Recently, his 4 Limited Edition artworks sold for around $2.5 – $3k each and some of them were resold on the secondary market for as high as $30k each. Following the installation with W1 Curates, some of Andrea Bonaceto’s NFT artworks will be sold on Nifty Gateway on 23rd July.

For Bonaceto, NFTs act as a catalyst to help society achieve the ideal balance between creativity and rationality. The new digital era has opened up new opportunities such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing the world in a digital form. The art world’s equivalent to bitcoin, NFTs are a paradigm shift and an exciting new trend; the emergence of the #Cryptoart movement goes hand-in-hand with the advances in modern technologies including HD screens, projectors and VR headsets.

Andrea Bonaceto comments: “I’m humbled to exhibit my work in the heart of London via W1 Curates. I’ll showcase a series of portraits and abstract artworks. Every person portrayed has had an impact on my life. I try to represent people as they truly are without the mask they are asked to wear in their everyday life. The abstract artworks are mostly oneiric visions I can’t rationalise. In general, whenever I try rationalising my creative process, I do feel somehow inauthentic. I don’t know what people could take away from interacting with my art. However, I do enjoy listening to people trying to explain to me what they see in my artworks. This exhibition is for me another small step towards being more authentic and closer to who I truly am. It is a very liberating experience”.

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