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Windrush Caribbean Film Festival is on!! First look guide to films and events at WCFF2021: new ‘Windrush Writing Competition’ 

Windrush Caribbean Film Festival is on!! First look guide to films and events at WCFF2021: new ‘Windrush Writing Competition’ 

Partner Event: Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF) reveals vibrant 2021 programme with  virtual media launch on, 22 June 2021.  Hosted by the Award-winning education and communications specialist Juliet Alexander, giving attendees a sneak preview of the films to be screened during the festival, many of which won’t have been seen in the UK before. The festival runs 23 July – 29 August 2021. ( Main image Notting Hill 21st Century Carnival screening August 14th

Frances-Anne Solomon Co-Founder WCFF

Speaking after the launch, founding member, Frances-Anne Solomon said:  “It was important for us to launch this year’s festival on Windrush Day as a testament to the post-war West Indian immigrants who helped rebuild Britain,”

The launch introduced this year’s theme – “Carnival for the People”. It highlighted a packed line-up of film content from drama and action to LGBQT+ focused films. The 2021 festival main theme this year is on the history of Carnival in Britain, from the first indoor celebration organised by Claudia Jones in 1959 to last year’s virtual Notting Hill Carnival.

Opening Night July 23rd 2021: Still Notting Hill Carnival, Who started it?

The #WCFF2021 presents a vibrant  programme filled with colourful events and film content highlighting the sense of celebration associated with Carnival. The special focus on Carnival Arts includes Music, Mas, Costumes, Photography and more.

Just Soli still short film screening on 23rd July

WCFF2021 opens the festival with feature film ‘Carnival Ah We Ting, produced by Optiks Hamilton followed by short film, Carnival, and Social Justice, by Kingsway Project.

Get hold of your Festival Pass ahead of the Opening Night. So you can access on demand the complete WCFF 2021 programme throughout the festival, which runs from 23 July – 29 August 2021 at your convenience   AND join live events and watch scheduled screenings.

The Mayor’s Race screening August 21
Notting Hill 21st Century Carnival screening August 14th

WRITING COMPETITION: In keeping with its commitment to education, WCFF also announced that this year’s festival will include the launch of a ‘Windrush Writing Competition.’ The ’Sam King Windrush Award’, named after the Windrush veteran, will be given to a girl and a boy up to the age of 14 who can produce an outstanding piece of written work about the Caribbean men and women who travelled on the MV Empire Windrush and arrived at Tilbury Docks on 22 June 1948.

Arthur Torrington

Sponsored by Windrush Foundation, the participant is expected to submit an essay with no more than 400 hand-written words on A4 paper. “The objective of this competition is to promote literacy, expression, creativity and to celebrate imagination,” explains Arthur Torrington of the Windrush Foundation.

The Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF) is supported by British Film Institute (BFI) National Lottery and Arts Council England and UNISON Scotland. 

WCFF Feature Film highlights. Full details are available at

June 27thDocumentary/DocumentaryParadise Lost/Mas Man (Christopher Laird/Dalton Narine)
July 23rdDocumentaryThe Prodigal Son (Kurt Orderson)
August 7thDocumentaryBlack Power
August 13thDramaHam & Piper
August 20th  LGBTQQIP2SAAMixed ↑ (Howard Davis)
August 21st  Crime DramaStash (HKB FINN)
August 21stDocumentaryThe Mayor’s Race
August 29thDocumentaryWindrush Pioneers

Learn more about the Windrush Film Festival:

The WCFF aims to engage and educate audiences in cinemas and art venues across the UK about the contributions of the Windrush generation and its impact on the country through screenings, talkbacks and micro-cinema challenge that will take place in cinemas, schools and community centres across the country and internationally under the ‘film festivals’ menu tab at

Get your festival Festival Pass which gives you instant access to WCFF 2021 throughout the festival! Sign in to view the festival schedule, attend live workshops & film screenings and participate in discussions with filmmakers at your leisure.  Your pass ensures you can re-watch at any time.

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Young people and patrons can access the workshops, panel discussions and select festival films on CaribbeanTales-TV after the festival.

WCFF Site:

Writing Competition:

Award Categories:

– Annual Paulette Wilson Windrush Justice Award

– Best Feature Film
– Best Documentary Feature
– Best Short Film
– Best Short Documentary

– Audience Awards

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