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Your Weekend FREE online: WCFF2021 – Arts Screening Series focuses on Carnival & Windush: On de Road

Your Weekend FREE online: WCFF2021 – Arts Screening Series focuses on Carnival & Windush: On de Road

PARTNER EVENT: This year the Windrush Caribbean Film Festival introduces The Windrush Arts Series: Tilbury We Come! A collection of free screenings, panel discussions and workshops with Artists focusing on Windrush and Carnival Arts happening between June 6 and August 29.  

June 6th, 4pm BST 11am EST  – The first event in the series: Mas of the People features films centred around the art and beauty of Mas and those who created it. 


Midnight Robber*

dir. Banyan & Mucurapo School Community Project (Trinidad & Tobago, 1980, 15m)

The Midnight Robber is one of the enduring characters of “Traditional Mas” in Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. This documentary examines its tradition, its significance and symbolism at an opportune moment when a reworking of the “Mas” by legendary mas’ artist, Peter Minshall, won the King of Carnival in 1980 with his band, Danse Macabre. Featured in the documentary are robbers, as portrayed by Charles Harrington and Hubert Blake as well as master drummer and mas’ man, Andrew Bedeau. Commentary is provided by artist Carlisle Chang and musician/painter, Pat Bishop.

Mas in Da Ghetto

dir. Leslie Palmer (United Kingdom, 1973, 13m)

Notting hill Carnival origins in revolution. A much smaller “jump up” through the area’s streets had been happening annually for the previous 8 years, led by various steelband players from Trinidad walking with the drums strung around their necks. Only 1 band would play annually to about 100 followers dancing behind. Palmer made the event a truly Caribbean event by including all the West Indian islanders and their festive or Carnival traditions.The Jamaicans in the area brought out their Sound Systems and Reggae bands, the French speaking islanders of Dominica, Martinique atnd St Lucia brought their music and costumes as did the Trinidadians with their vast experience of the masquerade and street parades.

A Conversation with the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco)*

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dir. Banyan Ltd, Trinidad & Tobago, 2006, 96 m)

The Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) also known as The Calypso King of the World, has entertained audiences around the globe for over 50 years. He has won the title of Calypso Monarch in Trinidad & Tobago more than any single person and beaten all comers in competitions across the Region and throughout the Caribbean Diaspora. He has been awarded the highest honour in the Caribbean Community and an Honorary Doctor of Letters by The University of the West Indies. He revolutionised the kaiso art-form and the kaiso profession in the late 1950s and was the de facto poet laureate of Trinidad and Tobago as it moved through the aborted Caribbean Federation and on to Independence from Britain in 1962

The Windrush Arts Series was made possible by the Arts Council of England

Films Provided courtesy of Christopher Laird & The Banyan Archive

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