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Earth Day 2021: Planet Classroom Network Podcast Unites Youth Activists, Filmmakers, Musicians and Educators to Focus on Earth

The Earth Day Special a new Planet Classroom Podcast illustrates how young people globally continue to bring energy and passion to the work of protecting and restoring our planet and our communities. Youth activism, imagination and entrepreneurialism continues to remind us we must prevent the coming disasters of climate change and work individually and together to restore our earth.

In Planet Classroom’s Earth Day Special Orb the show’s virtual host introduces an inspiring group of artists, activists, educators and youth critics who discuss the films Peace Boat, I’m a Child, Olivia’s Birds, Sanctuaries of Silence, and Team Marine. Guests share how their personal and local experiences with environmental issues translate to awareness, art, and individual actions to restore our earth. “Every action counts and the sooner we take action, the higher chance humanity can win against climate change.” says Youth critic Bao Tran.

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