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London’s Most Insta-Worthy Green Pubs / Restaurants

London’s Most Insta-Worthy Green Pubs / Restaurants


  • London’s Sky Garden revealed as the most Instagrammed green space to grab some top quality food and drink.  ( main image)
  • SUSHISAMBA’s vibrant Covent Garden location comes in at #2, while Drunch, Mayfair’s quirky venue comes in at #3.   
  • Pubs experience unprecedented footfall as UK emerges from a 3 month lockdown
  • Studies show that rich interior/exterior green spaces can boost physical and mental health

A new study conducted by speclialist florist service Direct2Florist has revealed the top 15 most instagrammed pubs and restaurants in the great city of London. The marketing team combed through mountains of Instagram data to find out which London hotspot is the most Instagrammed among plant-lovers. 

Find the full results below:

Sky Garden, located at the top of London’s iconic Walkie Talkie skyscraper smashed the #1 spot with an estimated 325,916 hashtags. 

London’s Most Instagram-Worthy Green Pubs and Restaurants  

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  1. Sky Garden London 
  2. SushiSamba Covent Gardens
  3. Drunch 
  4. Petersham Nurseries Cafe
  5. Aubaine 
  6. The Churchill Arms
  7. Roka / Shochu Lounge 
  8. Dalloway Terrace 
  9. Mr Fogg’s Botanical Garden 
  10. Bourne and Hollingsworth 
  11. Circolo Popolare
  12. Restaurant Ours
  13. Bar Elba 
  14. Mare Street Market 
  15. The Culpeper 

If lockdown has shown us anything, it’s that green spaces, both interior and exterior, are important now more than ever. As lockdown restrictions ease in line with the vaccine rollout, these spaces are going to be more popular than ever before. 

London’s Most Instagrammed Green Pubs and Restaurants – The Results in Full

Sky Garden London@sg_skygarden325,916141,000
SushiSamba Covent Gardens@sushisamba168,30086,000
Petersham Nurseries Cafe@petershamnurseries50,419180,000
The Churchill Armschurchillarmsw818,98011,300
Roka /Shochu Lounge@roka_london16,26153,000
Dalloway Terrace@dallowayterrace15,44990,200
Mr Fogg’s Botanical Garden@mrfoggsgb11,38681,600
Bourne and Hollingsworth@bourneandhollingsworth8,39426,900
Circolo Popolare@circolopopolare

Restaurant Ours@restaurant_ours6,32750,900
Bar Elba@bar_elba5,71615,100
Mare Street Market@marestreetmarket4,74945,000
The Culpeper@theculpeper2,5799,023
credit Direct2Florist

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