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Renowned artist Aurélia Durand designs Murals for The Africa Centre:

Renowned artist Aurélia Durand designs Murals for The Africa Centre:

On March 30th 2021 The Africa Centre, London, installed artwork on the hoarding at the site of its HQ in Southwark, London.  

Paris based illustrator and artist Aurélia Durand  was commissioned to design mural artwork for the exterior of The Africa Centre which is still undergoing building work until Autumn 2021. The artwork evokes the true spirit of The Africa Centre which has been a cultural hub for Black Communities for over 60 years. Aurelia’s colourful and vibrant afro-pop style is a reflection of the centre’s renewed vision for the future – engaging with members of the community across generations.  

“Aurélia represents Afro-descendants as joyful, proud, and empowered — a united community whose destinies are intertwined.” – 

In 2013, the Centre moved from the flagship site in Covent Garden to a new location in Southwark; a borough that is home to a diverse cultural community. Southwark has proven a great fit for the Centre in terms of its objectives for nurturing cultural exchange and educational programming. The Africa Centre continues to strive forward with firm appreciation of its rich heritage and the ambition to become London’s hub for African arts, culture, enterprise and development. 

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The Artwork will be available to view outside The Africa Centre until Autumn 2021.

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