Kazuya Sato Concert – A Song of Cherry Blossoms in the Spring Breeze

The musician who will be playing at this live, online event is Kazuya Sato, who has dedicated much of his life to the art of Shinobue, a traditional bamboo flute which has been a part of Japanese artistic culture for centuries. Also known as a Takebue, this instrument has long been involved in ancient public art forms, including the internationally recognised Noh and Kabuki, two of the most important forms of Japanese theatre.

Kazuya Sato has been earnestly practicing with the Shinobue since graduating university, but he first picked up the flute as a junior high-school student to get involved with a local Karatsu Kunchi Festival being held in his home prefecture of Saga.

The iconic wind instrument has been part of a journey into music which also led Kazuya Sato to study the piano, drums, and guitar. Today Sato has become a composer in his own right, preforming during a special Buddhist ceremony at UNESCO World Heritage Site Yakushi-ji Temple in Nara, and even taking a part in composition of the main theme for NHK TV drama ‘Gochisosan’ which went on to win Song of The Year at the 2014 Japan Record Awards. BOOK HERE: £15

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