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Former superintendent Dr. Leroy Logan MBE has launched a research project looking at the impact of stop and search practices on the individual’s wellbeing.

Capturing Voices: Lived experiences of stop and search is looking for participants to share their stop and search stories and how they have been affected by the experience. The research will focus on people from non-white backgrounds.

Stop and search has always been a controversial policing power. For some, it is seen as necessary for keeping our communities safe. For others, it is a cause for concern as data shows that these powers are repeatedly, and disproportionately used with people from non-white communities.

London Mayoral Candidate (Labour) Sadiq Khan campaigning with his team in Walthamstow. PICTURE BY: NIGEL HOWARD © email: nigelhowardmedia@gmail.com

Capturing Voices will go beyond simple facts and figures, to really understand the lived experiences of people who have been stopped and searched. The team wants to hear from anyone who has been stopped and searched especially multiple times.

The long-standing advocate for better policing has partnered with Professor Coral Dando and Dr Jay-Marie McKenzie of Westminster University to investigate how stop and search measures can have long-lasting effects when implemented unnecessarily and repeated over sustained periods of time.

Logan’s story was recently featured in the Steve McQueen series Small Axe: which documented the first few years of his career in the Metropolitan Police service as one of the few Black police officers in the 1980s. John Boyega recently won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a TV series for playing the former policeman.

His 30-year journey in the service is documented in his debut book, Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop. 

To submit your story, please head to www.leroylogan.com/yourvoice

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