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Amma Assante: Life Cinematic on BBC Four

Amma Assante: Life Cinematic on BBC Four

In this fifth episode of Life Cinematic, British-Ghanaian director Amma Asante talks to Edith Bowman about the films that have helped shape her life and film career. (image: Edith Bowman with Amma Asante via video link)

Her diverse selection ranges from epic classics like Goodfellas and The Color Purple to intimate, emotional greats like Damage and Caché. Amma also discusses her international breakthrough film, Belle, as well as the process she adopts when choosing and making the film projects she is renowned for.

Life Cinematic is a series of television specials delving into the art of film-making in an entirely new way. Each episode features an in-depth interview with a renowned filmmaker, blended with a selection of classic clips that have influenced or inspired them. Filmmakers draw on their knowledge and expertise to shine a light on the artistry in the films they love, be it the perfect protagonist, sound design, chase sequence, or simply their favourite single shot. When:
Confirmed for BBC Four on 4 March at 10.45pm to 11.45pm

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