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Celebrate everyday with the world’s favorite Belgian chocolate Guylian

Celebrate everyday with the world’s favorite Belgian chocolate Guylian

There is no secret that Belgium is best known for its amazing chocolates that satisfy the taste buds of the masses. Around the world, Guylian chocolate is associated with high quality Belgian Chocolates and is well known for its signature seashell shaped pralines.

Guylian was created in 1967 out of two people’s love – Guy and Liliane – who combined their passion for life’s sweetest pleasures, love and chocolate. Guy developed the iconic recipe of roasted hazelnut praliné filling, while Liliane added the artistic touch by designing the shining marbled exterior and the delicately sculptured shapes. Today, Guylian chocolates are still made with the same traditional craftsmanship and passion to provide an authentic, quality Belgian Chocolate taste experience.

As well as quality, Guylian prioritizes sustainability. In 2018 The Belgian Chocolate House decided to remove palm oil from all their chocolate recipes, replacing it with shea butter and sunflower oil, which results in smoother texture and even better tasting chocolates that are healthier and contains less saturated fats and sugars.

Moreover, the brand is supporting several sustainability programs such as Project Seashorse – organization dedicated to preserving seahorses and other marine life throughout the world – which partner and main sponsor it has been since 1998 and Project Cocoa – helping to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and to secure the future of their children as well as promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, community development, and the protection of nature. It is Guylian’s ambition to use 100% sustainable cocoa by 2025.

In addition, the Belgian Chocolate House also implements several measures to minimize the environmental impact of its packaging, such as using paper materials of which the primary material is sourced in sustainably managed forest or comes from recycled fibers.

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The combination of heritage, quality and sustainability makes Guylian the perfect choice for year round gifting and will make even the pickiest ones very happy!

Guylian Chocolate is stocked in most UK supermarkets.