Aldi Launches Its Most PREMIUM SANDWICH EVER FOR VALENTINE’S DAY: Lobster anyone?

Let’s talk about power food couples – there’s nothing quite like Fish & Chips, Mac & Cheese or Rhubarb & Custurd. But this year, Aldi has brought you the most supreme food partnership there is, and it comes in a sandwich – the ultimate surf & turf sandwich with tender pieces of British steak and succulent lobster meat, all for a sensational £2.49!

#Aldi’s brand new limited edition sandwich; Specially Selected #Lobster & #Steak Sandwich (£2.49, 228g) is stuffed to the brim with high quality ingredients and is the perfect indulgence for a weekend of love. On one side a medium-rare, tender, sliced British steak with a creamy smoked garlic and parsley mayonnaise, and on the other side, rich lobster meat tossed in a lemon and paprika mayonnaise and topped with mixed leaves, served in a soft bloomer bread – absolutely delicious!

The half steak, half lobster, Valentine’s Day special is available in store from 11th February for a limited time only.  Pop down to Aldi to try this delicious sandwich feast, as part of Aldi’s tasty food to go range.

Aldi’s Brie My Valentine is also available in stores now! A lovers take on the Brie, Bacon & Chilli Jam (£1.69, 194) classic; with Beechwood smoked streaky bacon, slices of creamy French Brie, spicy tomato & chilli relish, seasoned mayonnaise and spinach on soft malted bread.

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