Review: “Malcolm and Marie” Netflix “lockdown” film lands today stars John David Washington & Zendaya: exclusive clip

Malcolm and Marie, the new #Netflix film from Sam Levinson bases the entire film on the Tenet star John David Washington and Emmy-award winner Zendaya who make up Malcom and Marie. The film was produced entirely in lockdown and is shot beautifully in black and white. Levinson told Variety that he did not even have “an AD”. The film sees the couple return from a night out where Malcom a film director is recognized for his work. In a rented penthouse the couple play out their whole relationship in a single night, they fight, they make-up.

Cleverly using the space Levinson has the actors moving through the penthouse changing the pace of this two-handed narrative heightening the anticipation and slowing down the piece both in good measure. There are limited props is this film which give the actors a platform for strong performances pulling audience into their lives. Based upon Levinson’s own life Malcolm is an up-coming Director who according to Maria has based his film about a recovering addict on her. Discontented, vulnerable and angry Maria starts by making Malcolm his mac and cheese clearly unhappy about the evening, by the time it is cooked they engage into a melodramatic night of intimate interludes and passionate speeches which the actors deliver skillfully making this two-hour film strong enough to carry us through the night with the actors.

Sam Levinson
Director, Writer (Feature), Producer

Malcolm and Marie is now streaming on Netflix from Friday 5th February 2021.

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