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Pro-Trump crowds act of Terrorism as they storm Capitol Hill: What the headlines say

Pro-Trump crowds act of Terrorism as they storm Capitol Hill: What the headlines say


The i newspaper
image captionViolent protests at the Capitol building in Washington
The Times
image captionThe Times reports the protesters stormed the “heart of American democracy”.
The Daily Telegraph

The Guardian
Financial Times
Daily Express
Daily Mail
The Sun
image captionThe Sun carries a warning to PM Boris Johnson to “stop dithering” over the vaccination programme. MPs and medics have said Mr Johnson must vaccinate around the clock in order to hit three million jabs a week.
Daily Mirror
Daily Star

Thursday’s papers largely lead with violent protests by Trump supporters in Washington DC.

The Guardian

Donald Trump

America shaken after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol building ” America was shaken on Wednesday as a mob of Donald Trump supporters staged an insurrection at the US Capitol building in Washington DC, storming the debating chambers and clashing with armed police.

The Telegraph

Four dead after Trump protesters storm Washington – latest news

The US Vice President Mike Pence has condemned the violent supporters of President Trump who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in an attempt to block certification of the presidential election results.

Four people died in Washington, with one woman, a Trump supporter, shot in the Capitol building.

The Independent

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