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Applecart ARTS: Talking to Corinne Walker on Illusions of Liberty a play addressing chronic illness

Applecart ARTS: Talking to Corinne Walker on Illusions of Liberty a play addressing chronic illness

Illusions of Liberty is a new one woman show coming to Applecart Arts in February 2021 with Corinne Walker in the lead role, the actress who trained at trained at East 15 School of Drama theatre credits include working with Beyond Face, Missing Pieces and Divergent Theatre Collective. Walker has also worked on chlidren’s theatrical productions with the Travelling Light Theatre Company. As a writer she has written and performed in her own one woman show at the Bristol Old Vic and is currently writing and directing her first short film as part of the BBC New Creatives Scheme. she is also currently the U.K voice of ‘Miss Bunty’ in the Nickelodeon show ‘Max and Ruby’.

Full show schedule : DATE & TIME: 7:30pm, February 15 th ,16 th and 17 th 2021. Running Time : 85 minutes. Tickets: Payless £8/ Standard £10/ Pay More £12. More:

ALT caught up with the actress, to talk about the play, acting and more.

  • How did you get into acting?

Ever since I was young, I have always loved live performance both watching and participating. Once I got to secondary school, I was set on becoming an actor and auditioned for every school play, attended drama clubs, and read lots of plays all to get me towards the goal of getting into drama school which I did. I graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2015. 

  • What was your first professional performance?

My first professional job I toured schools across the country in 2 shows for Black History Month. It was a lot of early mornings, driving and improvisation! You’d have no pre-warning as to the venue you were walking into and sometimes very little time to set everything up. That was also my first ever lead role.

  • Tell us about your character in the play?

Well Liberty is an accomplished and extremely talented cellist whose normal life has been halted by a chronic illness. When we meet her in the play, she has finally been given a diagnosis which explains the various symptoms she has been suffering from. The play focuses on the week after her diagnosis and how she and her family each try and come to terms with it. I also play other characters too! But you’ll have to watch to see who they are!

  • What is the most important message in the play?

Liberty brings audiences behind the curtain of invisible illness. What people are really going through behind the façade? Also, how one person’s illness affects so many others, their family, and friends. It is important that the audience see Liberty as a real person, a human being with hopes and dreams and not just as someone who is ill. But also, that her illness is a part of her life and how lonely it can be to manage it day after day.

  • What do you like about doing a one woman show?

I like that it is hugely challenging, it forces you out of any comfort zone you may have when it comes to performing. But when you finish the show and you have successfully and coherently told a story; the sense of achievement is immense. It also has been the role which has probably pushed me to improve the most when it comes to acting.

  • How do you resonate with the character?

Since going through lockdown, I definitely relate to her so much more. The way that forces outside of her control are dictating the way she lives her life and the kind of life she lives. Also, how she is being forced to live in a very monotonous routine. She also loves music and food which are my first loves too. She is also passionate about her art which I would say I am too. We definitely share a lot of similarities.

  • How has lockdown affected you personally?

Like everyone in the industry, I lost any work that was in the pipeline when the pandemic hit. Living with uncertainty is just a part of the life of an actor but this was like that times 100! I wanted to keep creative and feel like I was still being somewhat productive, so it forced me into trying new things like writing which actually I really enjoyed.

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  • Which actors inspire you?

My acting role model is Viola Davis. I feel like I don’t even have to explain.  She is just a pillar of both strength and vulnerability but also is such a passionate human and if I one day achieve a performance a fraction of hers, I’ll have reached my peak!

  • Why should people see this play?

It approaches what could be quite a heavy topic with lightness and joy which is something we could all do with a lot of right now. And you get to meet a range of diverse but lovable characters. It’s got great music and will also have a live cellist! It’s being live streamed! So, you don’t even have to leave your house!

Playwright: Lorna Wells Director: Aisling Gallagher Producer: Rebecca Dilg ‘Illusions of Liberty”

The play will be live streamed over three consecutive nights. Tickets: SUPPORT BLACK BRITISH THEATRE

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