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Four books for young adults and children to learn about racism and discrimination

Four books for young adults and children to learn about racism and discrimination

It is important conversations about about racism and discrimination start early here are four top books that capture the pride and joy of being black, to the hurt and anger that can come from being a victim of racist actions and/or comments. These books are written for the eyes of children to help them understand these topics from primary school up until college.

If a bus could talk: The story of Rosa Parks by Faith Ringgold The famous story of Rosa Parks is portrayed in this book through a very unique way. On magical bus ride to school, Marcie learns about the famous story of Rosa Parks. Marcie gets the chance to meet Rosa Parks, the mother of the Civil Rights Movement, and some other renowned guests at a birthday party. Though the story is told in an uncommon way it is bold and the illustrations compliment the story with colorful fold-art style paintings. BUY

The Other Side: by Jacqueline Woodson A very moving story that explores a friendship during the time of segregation. It reveals how the friendship of Clover and Anna, although have distinct lives, they still form a strong friendship during these times. Though Clover is told by his mother that it is dangerous to cross the fence between their side of town and the white side where Anna lives, Clover still manages to keep a friendship with Anna. The book is filled with watercolour illustrations with lyrical-narrative that perfectly fits with the nature of this story. BUY

We troubled the waters by Ntozake Shange This wonderfully written book is filled with poetry and remarkable illustrations that discovers the story behind the people who fought for racial justice during the civil rights movement. Exploring the voice of Martina Luther King, Jr., Malcom X, And Rosa Parks. BUY

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The Hate U Give by Angi Thomas: This book is for an older audience of those in secondary school as it explores the life of a 16- year-old trying to balance her life between her poor neighborhood and her fancy suburban school. As she soon finds herself living through the horrific death of her best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. His death reaches the news and makes a national headline while protesters are taking the streets. As she is the only one who truly knows what happened that night, she finds herself in a dangerous situation whereby her own life is at risk. This powerful and heart-wrenching book was turned into a film back in 2018. BUY