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Quick Chat with SOLA: new single ‘White Space’ IS out now

Quick Chat with SOLA: new single ‘White Space’ IS out now

“Andre 3000!! He rarely makes music these days but a collaboration with him would be a dream!”

‘White Space’ is the new single from south-London based producer and vocalist Sola out now on Jamz Supernova’s label Future Bounce.
Following on from previous single ‘Oh My Love’ and ‘Mami Wata’, ‘White Space’ was inspired after Sola observed the role of female characters in Nollywood movies, whilst the piano melody was inspired by Bill Evans. Speaking on the release, Sola said: “I wrote this song after binging Nollywood movies. The female protagonists are often quite psycho and go through extreme lengths to punish their unfaithful lovers. They usually end up poisoning them dead (I don’t reach that level of crazy in the song but I’m embracing the chaotic energy haha). The “space between” vocal sample comes from another song I wrote and ended up fusing together with this song.”

Sola’s unique vocal delivery takes inspiration from the likes of Sade and Nina Simone with production drenched with r&b flavours reminiscent of Timbaland or Pharrell. It’s this unique blend that makes Sola such an exciting prospect, both producing and providing vocals for the music she creates. Having played classical piano since the age of 6, it wasn’t until she discovered the raw and unfiltered vocals of Nina Simone several years later that she grew the confidence to accept her own voice and start singing. After a four-year stint at the prestigious New York University, Sola started producing her own music. It was a time she found herself obsessed with Portishead, Massive Attack, and Burial, loving their darker, cinematic qualities and their ability to blur genres. It’s these influences that you can hear in her debut EP ‘Wealth Has Come’, which she affectionately titles ‘warped soul’. 
With the Mami Wata EP confirmed for 2nd October, if the singles so far are anything to go by, Sola is definitely a one-to-watch. Sola: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify
ALT caught with SOLA over the last lockdown the single

What do you love about music?

I think music has healing powers. It can provide comfort, transform your mood, and provide a sense of community which are all intrinsic to human nature. For me, writing music is like an output of release for things I wouldn’t otherwise know how to communicate.

Tell us what the title “White Space” means?

There is nowhere to hide in an empty room. It’s a place for transparency and openness. The song is about laying feelings bare which a white space represents.

Which musical artist are you obsessed with?

I’m obsessed with Eartheater’s new album, it’s so haunting and a really cool blend of folk, ambient, and electronic music.

What is your sound?

It’s a mix of electronic, soul, and jazz music that you can both cry and vibe out too.

What has been your Covid- 19 Lockdown experience?

It’s been a time of personal reflection and growth. Covid has shown that human plans are futile, so I’m learning to take things day by day and not to obsess over things we can’t control.

Where do you call home and how does your African heritage influence your music?

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I don’t associate home with a particular location, it’s wherever I feel peace, which is usually my bed. I have a lyric that says “I’m a foreigner in my mother’s home” which kinda reflects how I feel in regards to that. My mother and I were both born in the UK, and while she calls it home, I’m still not sure it’s where I truly belong. Our heritage is Nigerian and Yoruba culture has been a huge influence on both my music and visuals, but on the other hand, so has my time spent in London and New York.

Since the death of George Floyd: what would you like to see happen?

I saw a lot of empty words. I don’t think just talking about race is really enough. I hope people act and look at ways they can make a difference in their daily lives.

Who would you most like to work with?

Andre 3000!! He rarely makes music these days but a collaboration with him would be a dream!

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