LFF UK Focus: Short films on BFI Player watch now! Mandem, Good Thanks, You? (2019), Dolapo is Fine (2019), Expensive Shit and more..

Mandem (2019) – It’s a sweet day for two drug dealers. Heading out to parties, selling to insanely posh folk and eating patties, these are the little things that make people more than just friends.

10 minutes Directed by John Ogunmuyiwa Produced by Emily Everdee Written by John Ogunmuyiwa Featuring Bradley Banton, Stevie Basaula

Content warning: this film contains scenes of drug use.

Good Thanks, You? (2019) – The swirling timeline and strong central performance convey problems in suppressing a traumatic event that is often so hard to talk about. (Main Image T’nia Miller)

Content warning: this film contains scenes of sexual abuse.

Jasmine Jobson, Micheal Ward, T’Nia Miller

Dolapo is Fine (2019)

This rewarding and thoughtful depiction of an ever-relevant issue finds a young black girl about to leave boarding school and encouraged to conform to white beauty standards for a job in the City.

Gina McKe, Pamela Nomvete, Joseph Mydell

Director Ethosheia Hylton
Joan Iyiola
Joseph Bell
Chibundu Onuzo

Expensive Shit- Tolu has a choice: save herself or save her friend. As a nightclub toilet attendant, she is both overlooked by and integral for a group of depraved men set on a hideous act.

Modupe Adeyeye, Kim Allan, Nebli Basani

Runtime: 15 minutes

Content warning: contains racist slurs.

Music by Ré Olunuga

Closed captions available

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