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London tier 2 restrictions to start from Saturday 17 October: the rules

London tier 2 restrictions to start from Saturday 17 October: the rules

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced today (15 th October) that after much consideration with ministers, our city’s senior health advisers and council leaders, the Government has decided that London will have to go into tier 2 restrictions. This change from medium to high level risk means that Londoners will not be able to mix between different households indoors including pubs and restaurants.

They are also advised to reduce the number of journeys they make wherever possible. Though there are some exemptions, you can in fact meet friends and family you do not live with outdoors only. This includes a garden, or any other outdoor space. When doing so you must not meet in a group of more 6. It is considered illegal to meet in any larger group.

This also means that those in the higher tier 2 cannot meet others from a different area. However, there are some exceptions such as; if you are in a legally permitted support bubble, in a legally permitted childcare bubble, for work, volunteering to provide voluntary or charitable services, those in childcare, education or training please visit the government website for more information on the exceptions: covid-alert-level-high?priority-taxon=774cee22-d896-44c1-a611- e3109cce8eae

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According to Sadiq Khan who wants to help the health of Londoners and the economy has stated that “t ime and again it has been shown that it is better to act earlier than to act too late – which would cost more lives and damage more livelihoods. I am not willing to put Londoners’ lives at risk and we must do all we can to minimise economic damage.” Nevertheless, pubs and restaurants, shops, leisure and entertainment venues as well as places of worship will still be open. Outdoors, the rule of 6 still applies when meeting friends and family or anyone who is not part of your support bubble in any of the environments mentioned above. Meanwhile, schools, college and universities are to continue to stay open. While, universities are to have stricter rules in place. Though many other European countries have reacted to the second wave differently, ultimately, they are all trying to reduce the spread once again of COVID- 19.