BBFA Collective Exhibition | Négritude Reembodied 8-17 Oct…

Opening today the BBFA exhibition, Négritude Re-embodied presented by HOXTON 253 alongside Halime Özdemir as producer and co-curator in collaboration with the Collective. (Main image credit: The Favourable Construct, Ayesha Feisal, acrylic on canvas, 70x90cm)

Négritude Re-embodied is an effort to recapture through our eyes the essence of the movement conceived by  Aimé CésaireLéon Gontran Damas and Léopold Sédar Senghor, which aimed to cultivate “Black consciousness” across Africa and its diaspora. The exhibition addresses the issues of historic legacy, activism and philosophies which unite us as artists, despite our varied artistic strategies, points of reference and mediums. It also examines the multicultural nature of Britain and its generations of post colonial inhabitants at a time of division and isolation, reflected not only within the country, but globally in the context of this year’s minefield of events. Exhibition Run:  7 – 17 October 2020, open Wed – Sun, 12-8pm
Location: HOXTON 253 art project space, 253 Hoxton St, Whitmore Estate, London N1 5LG

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