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V&A and HTC VIVE Arts announce virtual reality event to celebrate Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser

V&A and HTC VIVE Arts announce virtual reality event to celebrate Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser

Through an innovative new partnership, the V&A and HTC VIVE Arts invite audiences from around the world on a mind-bending trip into the wonderful world of Wonderland. Coinciding with the release of tickets on sale for the museum’s eagerly anticipated exhibition Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser – opening 27 March 2021 – an immersive virtual reality (VR) public event will provide a sneak preview of the exhibition bringing environments and exhibits to life, guided by the show’s curator Kate Bailey.

Taking place at 2pm (BST) / 9pm (CST) on 22 October 2020, the preview will be free to attend and will be the first live VR event hosted by the V&A, extending its exhibition content beyond the museum doors to take on a new life in a digital world. This special cultural event will be accessible to global audiences with or without a VR headset. Audiences will be able to participate through the VR platform ENGAGE using a Windows PC or Android device or join a Recorded Live of the event, to be broadcast on the V&A’s Youtube.

As museums such as the V&A and others around the world slowly begin to reopen to the public, this uncertain period has demonstrated the power of digital innovation to engage and creatively inspire a global community. Working with the latest technologies, the V&A and HTC VIVE Arts will offer a new way for visitors to enjoy the museum and this landmark exhibition, taking an imaginative, interactive journey to celebrate one of the most iconic and inspiring stories of all time. This major partnership reflects the museum’s commitment to creating impactful digital experiences that enable people around the world to access its programme, both now whilst travel remains restricted, and into the future.

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This unique event, created in collaboration with the V&A, HTC VIVE Arts, immersive games studio PRELOADED and producers ENGAGE, will take place over forty-five minutes in a bespoke environment inspired by the V&A’s physical museum space and the fantastical landscapes of Wonderland. Through ENGAGE’s advanced technology, participants will be able to join the event as avatars, interacting with one another in VR. The performative showcase will give audiences a taste of the forthcoming exhibition exploring the five sections within the show, charting the evolution of Alice in Wonderland from its origins over 158 years ago, to the global cultural phenomenon it is today. Embracing the dreamlike qualities of the classic novel, the setting will transform and adapt throughout the preview, including live visual effects such as the pool of tears and a hallway of doors.