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VideoTalk: Meet Georgia Robinson owner of Sustainable Fashion brand ComeSwapAndShop

VideoTalk: Meet Georgia Robinson owner of Sustainable Fashion brand ComeSwapAndShop

Hornsey is known for its quaint little independent Boutiques and antiques shops, amongst those great finds is ComeSwapandShop an inviting fashion retailer with an edge: run by Georgia Robinson the brand is relatively new. The rather inviting shop sits on the high street of Hornsey N8. Georgia is no stranger to fashion or retail as she previously had her own swimwear brand in the Caribbean and has manufactured clothes for her Camden Town market stall in the 1980’s. So how does clothes swapping work at ComeSwapandShop, the drive is sustainability mixed with a pleasurable shopping experience “the idea is for people to bring clothes that they love to swap not clothes they would cast off to a charity shop or throw away” Georgia explains. That is clear from the moment you enter the shop as the clothes look as good as new and there are designer pieces too!!

As we gear towards more initiatives to combat the waste and pollution that fast fashion presents globally this business model works to extend the life of clothes and in this unpredictable economy where most are slashing their clothes budget it provides a place to get that new dress or bag without breaking the bank.  ComeSwapAndShop runs on two separate levels. The subscription model: users can pay for a monthly VIP package, which allows them to swap all clothes, shoes and bags or a standard package that excludes shoes and bags.

On taking out a membership you can start swapping straight away. Memberships start for as little as £5.99. For swaps you are given colour coded tokens for each item that you bring into the shop, then you swap items that have the same colour code and you can bring in 5 items per day.

Alt caught up with the entrepreneur who joins the fast growing group of black female business owners: when asked what she would say to banks afraid to invest in “that group of business owners” she said “Look beyond our skin, we are resilient, we are always striving to the top it does not matter where we are, homemakers, it does not matter where we are in society we are alway trying hard. Despite being at the bottom of the food chain, some of us just need to be given a chance and when have it all together I say to the banks we are good for business, we are definitely good for business we just need to be given the opportunity”.

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