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Sat 4 Jul 2020: Bernardine Evaristo to join BBC World Book Club

Sat 4 Jul 2020: Bernardine Evaristo to join BBC World Book Club

This month, for the seventh World Book Club edition celebrating International Women writers, Harriett Gillbert is joined by the remarkable British writer Bernardine Evaristo from her home in east London to talk about her Booker-Prize-winning novel Girl, Woman, Other. Although still unable to gather an audience together in a studio we take questions from listeners from all around the world via phonelines, tweets and emails to once again create a truly global event.

Girl, Woman, Other charts the lives and struggles of twelve very different characters. Mostly women, mostly black and British, it tells the stories of their families, friends and lovers, across the country and down the ages. A dazzling mixture of history and contemporary story-telling Girl, Woman, Other crackles with energy and teems with life, offering an unforgettable insight into life in todays’ multi-cultural Britain.

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During this time of dramatic change, we like many small enterprises and the self-employed are working hard to survive and to still be here when the new normal arrives. In present circumstances we crucially need more capacity on our website

We are raising funds 1) to support the new level of digital output which is required of us as we re-model our business so we can adapt to the current and expected post COVID- 19 climate and 2) to contribute costs towards the exceedingly small, very hardworking team and volunteers. We are predicting a 70% revenue loss in 2020 with lockdown happening just at a time when we were starting to generate more income.

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