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So Solid’s Swiss launches first ever Black Pound Day (27th June 2020) – How You can support a Black Business

So Solid’s Swiss launches first ever Black Pound Day (27th June 2020) – How You can support a Black Business

Black Pound day is set to launch for the first time ever this weekend 27th June 2020 in the UK.

It marks an important step in the Black community to put a light on Black businesses and the lack of support they get. A recent report by Extend Ventures showed that Black and minority-owned businesses in the UK are at risk of dramatic setbacks in the wake of Covid-19 crisis, many sit out of reach of the government’s support schemes, stated the new report by Extend Ventures and Your Startup Your Story (YSYS).

Created by Swiss, from the UK hip hop and garage group So Solid Crew, Black Pound Day is in response to the murder of George Floyd, sparking worldwide BLM protests. (pictured: Swiss So Solid Crew)

Black Pound Day “hopes to underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure, empowering and motivating the Black community”, the organisers say.

“The day is also an opportunity to find out how everyone can support Black businesses over the long-term. So don’t forget to share brands that you love, businesses that you can’t live without, and make sure to hashtag #BlackPoundDay.”

The plan for Black Pound Day is it will be celebrated once a month, every month.

So what is it and how can I support Black-owned businesses?

To take part go to Black Pound Day’s website where you will find a range of local and online Black-owned companies. There are different sections, so you can choose to support a brand in education, sports, or arts and entertainment. Here is the website:

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Alt Africa is a black owned female led enterprise: support Black Pound Day by supporting our fundraiser you can donate here: we need 650 people to give us £10 to reach our 7k target. If you can donate more that is great also.

Why are Alt Africa fundraising?

During this time of dramatic change, we like many small enterprises and the self-employed are working hard to survive and to still be here when the new normal arrives. In present circumstances we crucially need more capacity on our website

We are raising funds 1) to support the new level of digital output which is required of us as we re-model our business so we can adapt to the current and expected post COVID- 19 climate and 2) to contribute costs towards the exceedingly small, very hardworking team and volunteers. We are predicting a 70% revenue loss in 2020 with lockdown happening just at a time when we were starting to generate more income.