The Art Fund Charity launches Instagram museum treasure hunt “Art Find”

With museums currently closed, charity Art Fund wants to give art lovers the chance to explore museums in a new way. So creative agency Ralph created Art Find – a virtual treasure hunt around museums in the UK, exclusively on Instagram. The hunt begins on Art Fund’s Instagram channel, with a series of clues leading followers around the Instagram pages of museums, starting with the Wellcome Collection in London. Cleverly, clues are hidden in backdated posts, so art lovers have to scroll through museum collections to find them, enjoying art as they go.

Everyone who gets to the end of the treasure hunt has the chance to win a goodie bag filled with items from the gift shops of the participating museums.
The campaign launched on June 18t on @artfund. The launch post can be seen here.
Art Fund recently conducted a survey around the recent challenges facing the industry, revealing that 86% of museums and galleries surveyed have increased their online presence and/or created new digital content.
Art Fund is continuing to support museums and galleries and is dedicated to bringing art to more people.
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