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Chancellor Rishi Sunak bails out Private Business but Self Employed and Unemployed little Financial support offering £83 a month for those on UC

Despite self-employed workers calling for the government to guarantee their income amid the coronavirus crisis the offer is tax relief and Universal credit. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has stepped up to protect jobs which as he stated is “an unprecedented measure in these unprecedented times”.  The government will pay up to 80% of businesses wages, meaning workers across the UK can retain their jobs. Although many thousands have already been laid off. But measure for the self-employed are slim he has offered no tax payment until 2121. Many creatives in the industry are faced with huge uncertainty.

Earlier this week a number of online petitions were growing rapidly with more than 600,000 people having signed, urging the government to include the self-employed in statutory sick pay during the ongoing pandemic. For the unemployed am additional £1000 per year to be added to their benefits.

The future is grim as the government announced today at least 6 months of social distancing would be needed for it to be effective.

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