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No Clarity! UK brings in the Army as London Underground prepares to shut over 40 stations | Schools to Close Friday

The city attempts to reduce the effect of coronavirus outbreak with  40 stations on the London Underground to be shut. Transport for London (TfL) announced the partial shutdown of the network to start from Thursday morning.

The reduced service will run to allow key workers in the capital to get to work. Key workers are the teachers, doctors and NHS support also looking at the area and the of the economy that are crucial like electricity and gas. Gavin Williamson the Education Secretary said that a full list will be published on the government website. Some schools will remain open for the worst hit in the community, special needs and children of key workers.

Williamson said “we are not cancelling exams. but any routes we go down will not be as good as sitting down to do an exam”.

There will be no night Tube and bus services are are going to be reduced, TfL said.

The measures come as Boris Johnson said the virus was spreading faster in London than other parts of UK.

Latest government figures show more than 900 confirmed cases of coronavirus in London and 34 people have died in the city.

It follows the Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging people to work from home and to say away from bars, pubs and restaurants, asking people to social distance.

As a result the amount of passengers dropped on the London Underground this week.

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