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Father’s Day – The Best Gifts a Girl Can buy or Boy… Tommy Hilfiger Impact, Zegna Roman, LA MER, Tom Ford and more

Father’s Day – The Best Gifts a Girl Can buy or Boy… Tommy Hilfiger Impact, Zegna Roman, LA MER, Tom Ford and more

Life is busy especially if you are a freelancer or not a conventional 9- 5 person. Alt brings you the best brands you love just under your nose as you rush through the airport. So you have your Father’s Day gift ready for 21 June, it has been celebrated  since the Middle Ages, no need to stop now.

New) Tommy Hilfiger IMPACT – Available at airport locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Main Image)

Stimulating the deep-seated desire to become who you are meant to be, IMPACT captivates the dreamer and propels the achiever with the tea-like aroma of a coca leaf accord. IMPACT is bold and masculine, fusing striking citrus, smoky aromatics and a trio of precious woods, including the powerful hold of Akigalawood, a spicy, woody extract of patchouli. 

Zegna Roman Woods Essenze Eau De Parfum 


Zenga’s exclusive Bergamot highlights a lofty canopy of aromatic Cypress, Roman Pine and Cedwarwood rise regally, while flickering Amber notes ignite the base with a burnished, sun-warmed finish.

LA MER Moisturizing Crème 

image003 (1)

The La Mer moisturiser that started it all. This luxuriously rich cream immerses skin in deep moisture, helping soothe dryness. Skin feels soft-to-the-touch, supple and smooth. Dry lines appear softened. Unlock the power of a radiant transformation, day and night. Ideal for drier skin.

Tom Ford Beau De Jour – 


“Classic. Sharp. Maverick…BEAU DE JOUR presents the perfectly groomed gentleman who considers every detail. He exhibits the best version of himself to the world, but beneath the surface is something deeper, refreshing and sublime in all its layers.” – TOM FORD Created for the distinguished TOM FORD SIGNATURE COLLECTION, BEAU DE JOUR is a cool and refreshing aromatic fougère amplified with an energetic hybrid of lavenders. A fresh, commanding entrance of Lavender introduces the clean and fervent facets of the BEAU DE JOUR scent. The core beats with the herbal inflection of Rosemary and a floral note of green Geranium with its subtle mint inflection, a powerful contrast to the leather-like warmth of Oakmoss and the electric green of Basil. 

Tom Ford Black Orchid (Unisex) – 


Tom Ford Black Orchid evokes the timeless luxury and worldly glamour reminiscent of classic fragrances from the most elegant fragrance houses. A luxurious and sensual fragrance, Tom Ford Black Orchid, with its rich dark accords and alluring potion of black orchids and spice, is both modern and timeless. The top note opens with a sensuous blend of black truffle and ylang mingled with fresh bergamot and delectable black currant. The dramatic heart of the fragrance unfolds with the custom-made Tom Ford Black Orchid blended with dark, tempting florals and rich fruit accords.

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Clinique Men Maximum Energy System Set – 


Travel Exclusive: Daily revivers he’ll want to take wherever he goes, from Clinique For Men™. Super Energizer SPF 40 Anti-Fatigue Hydrating Concentrate energizes skin with 12 hours of anti-fatigue power. Delivers all-day hydration and antioxidant defense to fight the first signs of aging. Cooling roll-on Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel instantly revitalizes, hydrates and brightens tired-looking eyes. Combats puffiness, dark circles. Cream Shave cushions beard, helps calm razor burn. 

Kilian Straight to Heaven – 


Straight to Heaven is a potion that tells the tale of when love gets dangerously addictive, with its burning splash of run and its smoldering woodsy sensuality.

All available from selected airport locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa