Catch the play Tiger Mum at the Vault Festival from this Friday 13 March

Eva Edo is a member of Soho Writers Lab Alumni and The Criterion Theatre New Writing Group . Her play is  an examination of a mother’s struggle to raise her bi – racial son in London and the lengths she has to go to in  order to protect him and his future. It is a tender and playful exploration of the challenges that come with  raising a young man of colour in Britain today where for many, safety appears to have become a privilege for  the few. Although not autobiographical, Eva’s 20 years as a Safeguarding solicitor , and more recently a  mother, informs the play. (Image credit Anja Kulessa)

Tiger Mum was written on Soho Writers Lab. Eva’s plays have been produced at various London theatres including Ovalhouse (Wonder Girl) and Southwark Playhouse Absolution ). Looked After Children was  shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon Award.
Alice Malin directs Tiger Mum. She was recently Associate Director at Actors Touring Company. The Producer  is Lynne McConway who previously produced Returning to Haifa at Finborough Theatre. ​

The story
Constance needs her son to survive. He’s not sick, he’s black. A mother struggles alone to raise Elijah, her vocally gifted 8 year old biracial son in London. S he desperately misses the guidance of her recently deceased larger than life Jamaican mother, Agnes , whose no – nonsense  parenting and hymn singing defined their lives.

Fighting to protect her son she must fend off the dangers that threaten his survival – his father, an unequal  education system, her own crushing self-doubt and the “fried chicken at the bus stop boys”. In a significant  moment, with everything hanging in the balance, the only thing that matters is whether Elijah has perfect  pitch or not.
Will Constance be able to live up to her mother’s high expectations and be worthy of the Tiger Mum crown?  Will she be fierce enough to see off those who endanger her precious cub? And will Elijah be able to sing with a roar when it matters most?

“A heartwarming and playful one woman show which navigates the highs and lows of motherhood in a world  where , for many, safety appears to have become a privilege for the few.  “addresses. . .racial prejudice, gangs, family relationships and class….
with plenty of humanity..” BBC Writers Room

VAULT Festival
The Vaults, Leake
Street, SE1 7NN
Tickets: £11
Friday 13th 20.40
Saturday 14th  16.40 and 20.40
Sunday 15th March 20.40
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