Talking to Adia Wahid about the artist’s alter ego “I Am the Algorithm, The Algorithm is Me”

The Stellar Art Foundation presented  the artworks of  emerging artist, Adia Wahid who was  in conversation with Katrina Blannin, finalist for the Contemporary British Painting Prize. The event took place on 5th March at Church House, Westminster, inspired by the artist’s alter ego “I Am the Algorithm, The Algorithm is Me”.

I Am The Algorithm, The Algorithm Is Me_ Pigment ink on Duralar_ 86.4 cm x 121 cm_2019 copy
“I Am the Algorithm, The Algorithm is Me” Adia Wahid

Adia and Katrina discussed Adia’s practice of mimicking a software algorithm by drawing, painting and printmaking using the codes of repeated patterns, shapes and forms. They also talked about the continued importance of pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, and embracing technology and science which are disciplines women are vastly underrepresented in. Alt A caught up with the artist at the event watch the interview here.



Anita Choudhrie – Founder of Stellar International Art Foundation
Anya Zakharova – Managing Director at Stellar International Art Foundation

The founder of the foundation Anita Choudhrie, owns the largest private collection of work by Delhi’s most accomplished contemporary artist – Paresh Maity, now one of the most prolific artists in India, with work in the national airport, historic hotels and several cultural institutions. Currently the Foundation owns over 600 works dating from the late 19th Century to the present day, including international artists. It distinguishes on individual talent rather than regions and contains European, Russian, American and Indian art from masters including Picasso, Husain, Anish Kapoor and Damien Hirst.

The Foundation supports artistic empowerment and uniquely commissions a complete series from an artist, therefore preserving the collections legacy. Their driving force is to challenge, educate and encourage social reflection through conceptualising relevant topics in the art industry.

Adia Wahid_Ditto Pink_Oil and screen print on linen_95 cm x 130 cm_2018 copy
Adia Wahid_Ditto Pink_Oil and screen print on linen_95 cm x 130 cm_2018 copy

As a collection, Stellar gives an insight into the cultural viewpoint of individuals with diverse understandings of the world through the exploration of topics including race, poverty and sexuality.

Stellar Art Foundation has chosen Wahid’s work because of the unique way it comments on the current status of humankind’s day to day dependence on technology, smartphones, computers, and the algorithms which power them. Her work encourages us to understand the importance and relevance of algorithms in our lives and the possibilities of blending the scientific with the artistic.

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