Richard Blackwood back in Soapland as Mitchell Deveraux’s long-lost dad in Hollyoaks

Richard Blackwood takes on a starring role and will appear in Hollyoaks on our screens at the end of March 2020,  playing Felix Westwood, father to Martine Deveraux’s adult twin boys Mitchell and Toby.  The actor was last seen in EastEnders, Dancing on Ice, Holby City and was in the West End production of Shrek,  Felix is a past love  of Martine Deveraux (played by Kelle Bryan) and the father to her grown-up twins, Mitchell Deveraux (National Television Awards nominee Imran Adams) and Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon). Richard said “…..he did not have to audition, which makes him think that the work he has been doing has been noted”

C4 TX 23/12/19

So to bring a you up to date in the series Toby  was given away at birth by Martine but now he has tracked down his relatives and moved to the village but has not yet revealed who he is true to his birth mother and twin, Mitchell, the latter has  absolutely no idea he is a twin. With Felix’s arrival will the Deveraux family’s past be revealed?

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