British Museum: In search of Black History with Bonnie Greer: is the Caribbean the key?

Following in the steps of the acclaimed Audible series ‘In Search of Black History with Bonnie Greer’, this conversation explores the hidden facets of a key region of what Greer calls ‘Meta Africa’.

Join the playwright, novelist, cultural critic – and Former Deputy Chair of the British Museum – and her panel of distinguished guests including award-winning playwright, British Museum Trustee and cultural leader Pat Cumper MBE – as they explore the history and importance of the mighty Caribbean region as well as the Caribbean ‘in the world’ with its myriad cultures and exceptional people.

Patricia Cumper is an award-winning playwright, producer, director, arts administrator and cultural leader who’s a passionate advocate for the arts, particularly the BAME arts sector and is also an experienced and articulate critic and commentator.

Born in Jamaica, Cumper studied Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University where she was a College Exhibitioner and a full swimming Blue. Returning to Jamaica after graduation, Cumper became an award-winning playwright and producer in Caribbean theatre whose work was performed throughout the Caribbean, in Canada and the US.

When: 21st February 2020 Time: 18.30 — 20.00

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