Sticks and Stones comes to ITV

Thomas Benson is a Sales Associate at Clayton Office Solutions in Reading where he lives with his wife Jess, a nurse, and their young daughter, Millie, who was born deaf.

He’s good at his job and feels respected by his colleagues Andy, Isobel and Becky and his boss Chris Carter.

Thomas and the team give a pitch presentation to Janice Lancing and her team at Murray Technology but when the presentation goes badly wrong, Thomas panics and faints in front of everyone.

The team has lost a potentially large contract and with it the lucrative bonuses that would have been coming their way.

The team seem to lay the blame firmly at Thomas’s door. Is it his imagination or are his colleagues now out to get him? How will Thomas react when his work life is threatened?


Ken Nwosu – Thomas Benson – Ben Miller – Chris Carter -Susannah Fielding – Isobel Jones
Sean Sagar – Andy Stocks
Ritu Arya – Becky Mills
Debbie Chazen – Natalie
Alexandra Roach – Jess Benson
Daisy Boo Bradford – Millie Benson
Phoebe Nicholls – Janice Lancing
Gwilym Lee – Mark Baxter
Elena Saurel – Tanya Baxter
Michael Cochrane – Clayton
Neil Pearson – Phil

Monday 16th of December

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