Holland & Holland and Sotheby’s Modern British Art Exhibition ends 13 Nov – FREE

Sotheby’s and Holland & Holland are hosting a collaborative exhibition, showcasing pioneering artworks by Modern British artists, each hand-picked by the creative duo behind Holland & Holland, Isabella Cawdor and Stella Tennant. (Image courtesy Sotheby,s)

The exhibition celebrates the best of British creativity, by exploring the shared aesthetic of the traditional brand and many British artists of the 20th century, who combined tradition and heritage with a commitment to modernity.

To help us provide you with the best experience during your visit, let us know if you would like to attend using the contact form provided.

Admission is free and open to the public.  Where: 33 Bruton Street London, W1J 6HH

Fri – Sat 10AM-6PM
Mon – Wed 10AM-6PM

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