#Lionheart: Oscars Choice for Nigeria Disqualified Over Predominantly English Dialogue

Food for thought – The Oscars has disqualified Nigerian movie “Lionheart” from competing for Best International Film because it has too much English dialogue – there is mass out cry with artists like Ava DuVernay stating “English is the official Language of Nigeria due to colonialism”, calling out the Academy. Lionheart is one of the 29 films out of 93 originally submitted directed by women, the film is streaming on Netflix and was  scheduled to screen for Academy voters in the international category this Wednesday.

Genevieve Nnaji the Director of Lionheart reacted by saying “We did not choose who colonised us.”

Question is would a film from Congo that had French dialogue be allowed? What was the criteria set out by the Academy – why did it get to this point before it was dismissed.

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