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Remembering E. R. Braithwaite, ‘To Sir, With Love,’ Author who died at 104

Remembering the Guyanese author, diplomat and former Royal Air Force pilot is best known for his book “To Sir, With Love,” his memoir of being a teacher in London’s deprived East End, it later adapted into film released in 1967 film starring Sidney Poitier,  he died in Rockville, Md age 104 in 2016.

His death was confirmed to The Associated press by Braithwaite’s companion, Genevieve Ast, he taught English at Howard University, in Washington, and was living in the area.

Braithwaite became a diplomat representing Guyana at the United Nations and in Venezuela. He wrote several books, mostly on racism in countries like South Africa and the United States. The author is best known for “To Sir, With Love” (1959).




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