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Meet Eva Langret New Artistic Director Frieze London

Meet Eva Langret New Artistic Director Frieze London

Frieze announced the appointment of Eva Langret as the new Artistic Director of Frieze London. From November 2019, Eva will lead the strategic development and artistic programme of the London art fair and act as a liaison for galleries, collectors and curators in collaboration with Global Director Victoria Siddall.

Eva’s passion and intelligence, as well as her insightful understanding of how art fairs work, not only for galleries but also for the wider art world ecology, made her a clear choice for the role of Artistic Director, Frieze London. Throughout our conversations she has shown a deep understanding of and commitment to galleries, whose strength and success are at the heart of our fairs. The breadth and depth of her international network also make her a strong match for such a global platform. I am really looking forward to working with her and witnessing her spirit and energy in action. -Victoria Siddall

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