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News: Robert Mugabe Dies Age 95 – The South African Government pays Tribute

Described by South Africa as the most fearless pan- Africanist.

To many he was the hero, fighting colonial rule and racial oppression and standing up to  Western imperialism and neo-colonialism: he delivered independence for Zimbabwe after decades of white-minority rule, remaining in power for 37 years – until 2017. outlasting enemies and rivals such as Tony Blair, George W Bush, Joshua Nkomo, Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Mandela.

Paying tribute to President Mugabe, President Ramaphosa said: “South Africans join the people and government of Zimbabwe in mourning the passing of a liberation fighter and champion of Africa’s cause against colonialism.

“Under President Mugabe’s leadership, Zimbabwe’s sustained and valiant struggle against colonialism inspired our own struggle against apartheid and built in us the hope that one day South Africa too would be free.

“During the decades of our own struggle, Zimbabwe’s liberation movement supported our own liberation movement to fight oppression on multiple fronts. After Zimbabwe achieved independence, the apartheid state brutalised and violated Zimbabwe as punishment for supporting our own struggle.

Born on February 21, 1924 – Died 6th Sept 2019

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