AUTOGRAPH: Colourism & Photography

This talk will investigate structural #colourism in the history of photographic processes, emphasised through the invention of colour correction cards in the 1950s. These were used by photography labs to calibrate skin tones, shadows and light during the printing process – favouring lighter skin tones, while leaving darker skin tones looking blurred or unidentifiable.

#Photographer and activist Angélica Dass will discuss her project Humanae, investigating the chromatic range of human skin tones using a taxonomy adopting the format of the #PANTONE® Guide – challenging social classifications of race and colour.

Film and theatre director #NadiaLatif will look at how the evolution of cameras and lighting in film have influenced the depiction of black actors, actresses and characters.  When:TUE 2 JULY 7PM  PRICE: £5 / 4 Book here

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