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Sundance London 2019: Corporate Animals Review

Sundance London 2019: Corporate Animals Review

Demi Moore (Lucy) is the egotistical boss who runs Incredible Edibles, an edible cutlery start-up business, on a team-building mission in New Mexico with her employees they get stuck in a cave. Quite quickly they are tested going from being environmentalists to cannibalism. Director Patrick Brice’s Corporate Animals sees the employees turn into labs rats in this very funny and sometimes extreme take on human behavior: when faced with a life or death situation how far would you go? Lead Moore is the sharp tooled boss who knows how to manipulate her employees throwing in sexual harassment for good measure, and is accused by her long suffering assistant Freddie (Karan Soni) of “Weinstein-ing” him. Not one for tact, she has no shortage of “motivating” words for her team and when it gets too much for black female assistant Jess ( Jess Williams) Moore tells her to channel her inner Beyonce. Moore is surrounded by a strong supporting cast but Moore shines, her comedic timing is spot on sometimes hilarious, writer Sam Bain’s Lucy does not need more working and Moore works it. But the power structure is soon stripped in the cave as they all become quite vocal on their dislike for her. There is not much to do as they wait for rescue so they result to deciding who to eat next and tearing each other apart, and the laughs come as the team are turned into Corporate Animals. Cast:  Ed Helms, Jennifer Kim and Nasim Pedrad, Isiah Whitlock Jr. Dan Bakkedahl, Martha Kelly, Calum Worthy. To book tickets for Sundance London screenings click here. 86mins.

There are no confirmed UK release dates. Sundance runs 30th May to 2nd June 2019


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