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‘Sustainability on Screen’ (SOS) the Vegan Film Festival

‘Sustainability on Screen’ (SOS) the Vegan Film Festival

Leading environmentalists and vegans are set to attend screenings of award winning documentary films at the event, surrounding the topics of sustainability, the environment and the vegan lifestyle. ‘Sustainability on Screen’ is the only film festival of it’s kind in the UK, making this an invaluable addition to Portobello LIVE.

The SOS Film Festival is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating a sustainable and environmental ideal; such being a healthier, compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

SOS will be screening award winning films, from award winning directors and documentary makers-topics include vegan and plant-based diet, climate change, waste pollution and environmental sustainability. It aims to explore how our everyday lives are affecting climate change, pollution and the health of communities.

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Film Festival Director, actor Rich Hobday is passionate about the role films can play in delivering a positive message, and to cover social and political issues through film and drama.
“I wanted to create a new film festival which provided a platform for film makers, documentary makers, activists, and new community audiences, to come together to view and debate current films and documentaries”.
Award winning Film Directors, including Alex Lockwood (BAFTA 2019 Short Film 73 Cows); and James  Hoot will be running Q&A session; along with a talk by VIVA! CEO Juliet Gellatley. Other panellists include prominent vegans Cath Kendall and Sonia Sae; Adventurer Lindsey Cole; and Vegan Nutritionist Dominica Alicia Roszco. SOS will also be be showing a Climate Change Exhibition – curated by campaigner, artist, Musician, and environmentalist Leah Wood.

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